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Kamau Dickerson

Your Partnership Coach.

As a male coach and childcare owner, I know what it is like to work along side my wife all while wondering where do I fit in the childcare business. Coming from a background of working with teens, it was hard for me to find my role and offer my skills to our childcare business.

But after many long nights of heated discussions, I dealt with my ego and made a decision to support the vision by improving myself. I made the necessary changes in the area of business development, business image and emotional support towards my wife. I became a family supporter, taking away home tasks so that my wife could be free to flow as the CEO.

Next, I focused on self-development by learning more about finances...

...and how money works in the childcare industry.

Men, with the right information, there's so much we can do to build your business and your family to go to the next level! Allow me to go along the journey with you!

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